What is a Learning Community?

The Math and Science First Learning Community is the newest of 17 learning communities on campus at UNC Charlotte. A learning community is a cohort of students who share a similar academic interest and participate in the following program components.

  • Enroll in a few classes as a cohort, related to the focus of the Learning Community.
  • Participate in shared Social and Academic experiences designed to promote community and practical knowledge based on the interests of the group. 

Through these components, a participant can expect to develop meaningful partnerships with their peers and faculty, leading to an increased sense of belonging and opportunities within their departments. 

Participation in learning communities has proven to improve grade-point averages, increase graduation rates, and decrease the likelihood of the student being placed on academic probation. Learning community participants have also cited the social and academic benefits of quickly meeting other students with similar interests and goals. 

More general information about learning communities can be found at the UNC Charlotte Learning Communities website.